25 Fun Learning Songs

Ages: Toddler
Grades: PreK
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Includes: Cover Art, MP3 Recording, Song Lyrics
Product Description

Learning basic skills is as easy as singing a new favorite song! Teach the alphabet, letter sounds, counting, safety rules, animal sounds and more with this collection of 25 Fun Learning Songs. Kids won’t lose interest with this exciting album!

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1. First I’ll Learn My ABC’s

2. Learning Our Shapes

3. Rhyming Word Rule

4. The ABC Song

5. Sing Through The Year

6. Humpty Dumpty

7. Shapes In The World

8. Duck, Duck, Goose

9. When I Was Young

10. The Buddy System

11. Grandpa’s Farm

12. I Can Count From 1 – 20

13. If You Know The Sound Of…

14. Colors

15. Alphabet Rock

16. Call 9-1-1

17. I Can Add

18. Painted Walls

19. Silly Shapes

20. Have You Ever Wondered?

21. Look Up High, Look Down Low

22. I’m A Little Circle

23. Over In The Meadow

24. All The Children Of The World Reprise

25. Counting To Ten


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